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Fish are a Resource obtained by Fishing.

Types of Fish

There are many types of fish. Click a fish below to learn more.

Types of Fish
Snapper t.png Soldierfish t.png Surgeonfish t.png Butterflyfish t.png Angelfish t.png Yellow Tang t.png Doctorfish t.png
Snapper Soldierfish Surgeonfish Butterflyfish Angelfish Yellow Tang Doctorfish


All fish can be cooked to an edible Food source by using a Campfire s.png Campfire or Firepit s.png Firepit.

Cooked Fish
Cooked Snapper t.png Cooked Soldierfish t.png Cooked Surgeonfish t.png Cooked Butterflyfish t.png Cooked Angelfish t.png Cooked Yellow Tang t.png Cooked Doctorfish t.png
Cooked Snapper Cooked Soldierfish Cooked Surgeonfish Cooked Butterflyfish Cooked Angelfish Cooked Yellow Tang Cooked Doctorfish

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