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Ores are Resources obtained by Mining ore deposits with a Pickaxe.

Types of Ores

There are 6 types of ores, and whilst coal isn't an ore, it is included anyway, because it is required to make ingots from ores. Click an ore below to learn more.

Types of Ores
Name Coal Copper Ore Iron Ore Gold Ore Azurite Ore Cursed Ore
Copper Ore.png
Iron Ore.png
Gold Ore.png
Azurite Ore.png
Cursed Ore.png
Ore Deposit
Coal Deposit.png
Copper Ore Deposit.png
Iron Ore Deposit.png
Gold Ore Deposit.png
Azurite Ore Deposit.png
Cursed Ore Deposit.png
Ingot N/A
Copper Ingot.png
Iron Ingot.png
Gold Ingot.png
Azurite Ingot.png
Cursed Ingot.png

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