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Tools are craftable items that allow you to perform actions on the environment as well as collect certain Resources. They have limited durability determined by the quality of material used to make the tool.

Tools can be used in a pinch as a Weapon, however they only deal 1 damage per hit.

Types of Tools

Use Wood Stone Copper Iron
Pickaxe A pickaxe is a tool to quarry rock or mine coal, ores (iron ore, copper ore), and gems (raw sapphire). Flint Pickaxe.png
Flint Pickaxe
Stone Pickaxe.png
Stone Pickaxe
Copper Pick.png
Copper Pick
Iron Pick.png
Iron Pick
Axe An axe is used to chop down Trees. Flint Axe.png
Flint Axe
Stone Axe.png
Stone Axe
Copper Axe.png
Copper Axe
Iron Axe.png
Iron Axe
Shovel A shovel is used to dig up berry bushes, dirt, gravel, sand, and clay. Flint Shovel.png
Flint Shovel
Stone Shovel.png
Stone Shovel
Copper Shovel.png
Copper Shovel
Iron Shovel.png
Iron Shovel
Hoe A hoe is used to till land for farming. Flint Hoe.png
Flint Hoe
Stone Hoe.png
Stone Hoe
Copper Hoe.png
Copper Hoe
Iron Hoe.png
Iron Hoe
Machete The machete is used to cut down foliage. Machete.png
Fishing Pole The fishing pole is used to catch Fish. Simple Rod.png
Simple Rod

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