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Fishing is an element of gameplay that allows the player to catch fish with a Simple Rod s.png Fishing Pole in any body of water.

How To Fish

First the player must craft a Simple Rod s.png Fishing Pole. The fishing pole may then be used on any body of water, any distance from the player on the screen. A Bobber s.png bobber (float) will appear on the screen where the line is cast. After a period of time, the Catch Indicator s.png catch indicator will appear above the players head and you may click to reel in the fish. Caught fish are automatically added to the player's inventory.

The time between casting and catching a fish is highly variable. It can be almost immediately or seemingly not at all.

If the player moves while fishing, the line will be reeled in immediately. If the Catch Indicator s.png catch indicator is displayed at the time of movement, that fish will be caught and added to the player inventory.

Catch Rates

Fishing is new as of Alpha and little is known yet about catch rates, fish population, and shallow vs. deep water. Smoodlez has also mentioned that this is just the first implementation and fishing will develop further in later updates.

Types of Fish

There are many types of fish. Click a Fish or Fishing Pole below to read more.

Indicators Bobber.png
The Bobber (Float) shows where the players fishing line has cast.
Catch Indicator.png
The Catch Indicator displays above the player's head to let you know a fish is on the line to be reeled in.
Fishing Poles Simple Rod t.png
Simple Rod
Types of Fish Snapper t.pngSoldierfish t.pngSurgeonfish t.pngButterflyfish t.pngAngelfish t.pngYellow Tang t.pngDoctorfish t.png

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