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A full health meter.

Health is the amount of life a character has left. When the player loses all health, it dies. Depending on the difficulty level set upon world-creation, different things happen upon death.

Losing Health


Enemies may deal damage to the player. Not all enemies deal damage on contact; some may also shoot projectiles, which cause damage, or spawn minions to deal damage for the enemy. The amount of damage dealt may be kept to a bare minimum by wearing armor, and killing the enemies.


For more information about the hunger mechanics, see Hunger.

The player may also lose health because the player's hunger bar has depleted. When this happens, the player loses 1 HP over time. The only way to counteract this is by eating regularly and by not letting the hunger bar deplete through those means.


There are currently two debuffs in Forsaken Isle that decrease your Health.



Poisoned is a debuff inflicted on the player by the Small Spider[unofficial] Snake[unofficial]. Poisoned may also be caused by eating Raw Meat s.pngRaw Meat, Raw Spider Meat s.pngRaw Spider Meat or Raw Chicken s.pngRaw Chicken. The poisoning debuff causes the player to lose 1 HP over time. The icon displayed to the right of this will be shown on the top-right corner of the screen.



Bleeding is a debuff inflicted on the player by the Bat[unofficial]. The bleeding debuff causes the player to lose 2 HP over time, making it more dangerous than poisoning, as twice the damage may be done in the same time. The icon displayed to the right of this will be shown on the top-right corner of the screen. This debuff may be removed if you consume a Bandage s.pngCloth Bandage s.png(Cloth) Bandage.

Regaining Health

Unlike similar games, health doesn't regenerate over time in Forsaken Isle, so one must heal him/herself.


One may choose to heal by means of consumption. The player may eat Orange s.pngOranges, Cooked Bat Wing s.pngCooked Bat Wings, or consume healing items, like Potion of Healing s.pngPotions of healing, Bandage s.pngBandages or Cloth Bandage s.pngCloth Bandages.


There's currently one buff in Forsaken Isle capable of restoring lost health.



The regeneration buff is inflicted on the player by consuming a Bandage s.pngBandage or a Cloth Bandage s.pngCloth Bandage. It slowly regenerates the player's health. It is advised to only consume a bandage whilst the regeneration buff is not in effect. The regeneration buff is indicated with the icon shown to the right.

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