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Mining is an aspect of gameplay that allows you to Mine various Rock, Ores, and Gems. Mining requires the player to craft and use a Copper Pick s.png Pickaxe.

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Mining Deposit Main
Raw Resource*
Rock Boulder.png Boulder
Rock Wall (Tile).png Rock Wall
Rock.png Rock
Coal Coal Deposit.png Coal Deposit Coal.png Coal
Copper Copper Ore Deposit.png Copper Ore Deposit Copper Ore.png Copper Ore
Iron Iron Ore Deposit.png Iron Deposit Iron Ore.png Iron Ore
Gold Gold Ore Deposit.png Gold Ore Deposit Gold Ore.png Gold Ore
Azurite Azurite Ore Deposit.png Azurite Ore Deposit Azurite Ore.png Azurite Ore
Cursed Cursed Ore Deposit.png Cursed Ore Deposit Cursed Ore.png Cursed Ore
Sapphire Sapphire Deposit.png Sapphire Deposit Raw Sapphire.png Raw Sapphire
Ruby Ruby Deposit.png Ruby Deposit Raw Ruby.png Raw Ruby
Emerald Emerald Deposit.png Emerald Deposit Raw Emerald.png Raw Emerald
Amber Amber Deposit.png Amber Deposit Raw Amber.png Raw Amber

*For a conclusive resource drop list, see the individual page.

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