Forsaken Isle Wiki

Hey guys, I'm updating the wiki. About time.

As wiki-contributor:



  • Gems (+ Products) Raw Sapphire s.png(Sapphire Deposit s.png)Cut Sapphire s.pngRaw Sapphire s.pngSapphire Staff s.pngAzure Hood s.pngSapphire Robe s.pngRaw Ruby s.png(Ruby Deposit s.png)Cut Ruby s.pngRaw Ruby s.pngRuby Staff s.pngCrimson Hood s.pngRuby Robe s.pngRaw Emerald s.png(Emerald Deposit s.png)Cut Emerald s.pngRaw Emerald s.pngEmerald Staff s.pngJade Hood s.pngEmerald Robe s.pngRaw Amber s.png(Amber Deposit s.png)Cut Amber s.pngRaw Amber s.pngAmber Staff s.pngAmber Hood s.pngAmber Robe s.png
  • Death
  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Energy
  • Misc. Rod of Water s.pngRod of Poison s.png
  • Fibers (+ Products - Cord Products) Fibers s.png(Fern s.pngReeds s.pngLily Pad s.pngFlax s.png(Flax Seeds s.png))Root s.png(Underground Roots s.pngSwamp Roots s.png)Bark s.pngCrude Box s.pngSugarcane s.png(SugarcaneT s.png)Sugar s.pngBagasse s.pngPaper s.pngBookcase s.pngCord s.pngBandage s.png

Working on:

  • Ores Coal s.png(Coal Deposit s.png)Copper Ingot s.pngCopper Ore s.png(Copper Ore Deposit s.png)Copper Axe s.pngIron Axe s.pngGolden Axe s.pngAzurite Axe s.pngCursed Axe s.pngIron Ingot s.pngIron Ore s.png(Iron Ore Deposit s.png)Copper Pick s.pngIron Pick s.pngGolden Pick s.pngAzurite Pick s.pngCursed Pick s.png

To Do:

  • Fishing
  • Potions
  • The rest